Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia                               
20 June, 2013

The Salkhit Wind Farm has officially opened.

More than 200 government officials, parliament members, and sector stakeholders gathered at the wind farm site to celebrate the opening of this landmark project. The 50 MW wind farm, the first for Mongolia, marks a new page in the renewable energy sector development in the country and is the first real contribution towards the creating a cleaner and more sustainable Mongolian future.

“The Salkhit wind farm is a flagship project for Mongolia’s renewable energy sector and the energy sector as a whole. The project has introduced new and advanced technology and knowhow to the industry. We are proud to have completed the project to international best quality and safety standards.” – said Enkh-Amgalan Sengee, CEO of Clean Energy.

“Salkhit represents the first private sector initiated project in what is still a highly regulated, inexperienced in private investments market. I believe that the Salkhit project has set an example for successful partnership between the government and private sector. To date, we have seen the government actively working together with the private sector to deliver the Salkhit wind farm through development, financial close, construction, and now into operations. This positive experience will pave the way for future investments in the energy and other vital infrastructure sectors and acts as a concrete demonstration of the government’s green development agenda. We see Salkhit’s experience of utilizing Mongolia’s rich natural resources that exist above ground using advanced technologies as a development pathway for the country.” – said Boldbaatar Tserenpuntsag, Chairman of Newcom Group.

Located 70 kilometers southeast of the capital city Ulaanbaatar, the Salkhit Wind Farm is a landmark project that is a result of close cooperation between the private sector, international development institutions, and the Government of Mongolia. The wind farm will be powered by GE 1.6MW turbines. It will offset 180 thousand tons of CO2 emissions, save 1.6 million tons of fresh water, and reduce coal usage by 122 thousand tons annually. The clean power generated by this 50MW wind farm will service customers connected to the Mongolian central grid. Mongolia is rich with renewable energy resources and Salkhit is the first step towards the aspiration of making Mongolia Asia’s renewable energy champion.

About Clean Energy

Clean Energy LLC is implementing the Salkhit Wind Farm Project and was established in 2004 by Newcom LLC. It’s now a joint venture between Newcom, General Electric, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Netherlands Development Bank (FMO).

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