Newcom Helps Prepare Mongolia’s Future Engineers


In 2010, under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Mongolia, the Mongolian National Broadcaster, the MNB, has launched a 6-month TV contest  “Young Inventor” among Mongolian children and youth to develop creative, innovative mentality and engineering skills. In 2011-2012 the national contest has expanded its rows to include contestants from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, PRC and Buryatia, RF. On March 22-24, the program held an exhibition of the best 31 works selected for the next round of the contest.
Consistent with Newcom’s philosophy of supporting youth education and development and promoting innovation and technological development, Newcom Group has been supporting  this popular TV contest as a Premier Sponsor and has supported the participants in developing their projects and inventions. In particular Newcom and Clean Energy engineers held a special session with the youth interested in wind energy and wind technologies and Mobicom, Mobinet and Clean Energy engineers have worked as independent judges of the contest in IT and energy technology projects.
The Exhibition of the selected 31 inventions opened with the Prime Minister Batbold’s delivering a message to the contestants and youth gathered at the exhibition venue, the Library of the Mongolian Science and Technology University, Director of the MNB Ms. Oyundary, and CEO of Newcom Group  B. Byambasaikhan.


Remarks by B. Byambasaikhan, CEO, Newcom Group, at the opening of the Exhibition of the Selected Works at the International Young Inventors Contest on the Mongolian National Broadcaster:

- I would like to express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the Mongolian National Broadcasting television for taking the initiative and launching ‘Young Inventor’ TV contest among children and youth of Mongolia, under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Mongolia.

Young inventors TV contest has truly invigorated the youth and captured their dreams and aspirations. These aspirations and ideas of our young people will pave ways to innovative approaches, unexplored paths and new and original undertakings and ultimately define Mongolia’s tomorrow.

Our engineers at Clean Energy, who not long ago enjoyed tackling challenging math problems and had dreamt of great inventions just as you, are today building Mongolia’s first wind farm. The Salkhit wind farm, which will for the first time in the history of our country supply thousands of Mongolian households with electricity from clean technology, is expected to conserve 2 million tons of water and 160 thousand million tons of coal and reduce carbon emissions by 200 thousand tons. It is the true embodiment of the Mongol Dream and pride of Mongolian engineers.

The Salkhit wind farm serving as the first stepping stone for Mongolia’s renewable energy sector growth and development has also spurred our subsequent goal to be Asia’ renewable energy leader and to make Ulaanbaatar the clean technology capital. I am positively confident that we can make our dreams and aspirations a reality in the near future.
Steered by our dreams and goals there is nothing that we cannot achieve. Newcom group strives to share without any reservations its knowledge and expertise and thereby create “shared value”. Let us strive towards developing and enhancing knowledge capital and competitiveness of our people for a brighter tomorrow.  
I wish you all success in your future endeavors.



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Congratulating the participants and talking about making Mongolia the region’s renewable energy leader


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Touring the exhibition with Mongolian Prime Minister S. Batbold and the Minister of Education, Culture and Science Yo. Otgonbayar