Tsegts LLC was established in 2004 as “Newsec” LLC with the purpose of rendering security services for all types of property, under the Mongolian Law on Contracted Security Services. It started with few security posts and over 10 guards and has evolved as a successful professional security company. Tsegts aims at providing decent working conditions for our clients and qualified security of wealth and properties they created.


With the increasing market demand and expanding businesses, the Company restructured and changes its name into “Tsegts” LLC. Furthermore, in 2010 to satisfy its clients’ new and emerging needs the Company introduced professional bodyguard service and joined “Shadar Khamgaalalt”, Mongolian Bodyguard Association.


As of first half of 2011 the Company guards 24 objects of 14 clients including Mobicom Technical Center, Canadian Embassy, City Plaza, Khan Bank Headquarter, Naiman Zovkhis office building where the global prestigious clients are located such as S&P 500 General Electric, Japanese Sumitomo Corporation, Netherland’s ING bank, Ernst & Young, and German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ).


Tsegts LLC

Tedy center

Sambuugiin street - 18

Ulaanbaatar - 38, Mongolia


Phone: +976 11 320610

Fax: +976 11 326117

Email: admin@tsegtssecurity.mn

Website: www.tsegtssecurity.mn